Our Approach

We would be very happy to work with DOMIO and become a partner in this very exciting project and build success together. We work closely with our clients on a strategic level so we can be effective in our executions and creations. The areas of our specialisation is listed below and we can allocate a highly dedicated and qualified teams.

Our Portfolio

– we can deliver highest quality production
– our focus is to cooperate with most talented artists
– our expertise is in video, key visuals, design, photography, animations and digital media
– we can deliver all formats required for DOMIO launch in Poland


We would like to run a constant PR campaign with Polish media and also prepare some long term paid relationship with editorial content.

– press releases and briefings
– press conferences
– interviews with journalists


We have unique relationship with VIP influencers and believe some long term relationship would bring value to DOMIO in Poland but also UK.

– cooperation with high value persons
– personal touch
– cooperate with their media
– we think we can find affordable persons for DOMIO with a special discounts for us

Paid digital campaigns

We believe that some budget should be allocated to reach and branding campaigns.

– prepare budget and media plan
– produce campaign content
– measure results

Organic social media

We would closely cooperate with your team in Ukraine and focus on:

– localize and reach for Poland and also UK
– focus on English profile and language

Cooperation with artists and galleries

We believe that DOMIO opening can be assisted with some art and galleries and artists.

– promotion with Art-Info
– cooperation with some high level galleries owners (Mr. Fibak)
– presence and events with artists

Website localization

We can dedicate a web and content specialist to work with Polish version of your website.

– translation to Polish
– localize with Polish content and photos
– build Landing Pages dedicated to specific campaigns, example: www.smallworld.dokin.pl
– reporting and statistics


We can organise dedicated events for special customer groups.

– promote and organize events
 manage invitations to key people 
– top Architects, VIP Clients, Journalists, Artists, Developers, Horeca Investors, Influencers
– production of advertising materials

Production and design

We believe that high quality advertising production will stand-out in Poland and support DOMIO brand.

– photography
– video & film
– animations and other digital content
– advertising materials
– print


We recommend to create a brand booklet with DOMIO top creations, references and brands.

– build a landing page for that
– create high quality print and handouts

Personal Branding

We would like to build Julia’s personal brand together with DOMIO. In Poland such personal touch to premium brands works very well.

– production and photos
– media and PR presence
– social media moderation and publications

Some examples of other personal brands benchmarks

Thank You!